About Me

Rishabh Malik is a Delhi based photographer, engaging into various forms of self expression through the art of visual storytelling.


Press & Media —

Scoop Whoop

Notable Clients —

Zak+ Fox, NYC
Atmos Magazine, NYC
Oppo Phones
Verve India
Rajesh Pratap Singh
Neety Singh Jewellery
Greenr Cafe
Daniel Wellington
Hewlett Packard


Through a crippling and profound phase of understanding an aspect of this world, that might seem cliché to most, Rishabh found photography as the best tool, next only to the power of ideas and words, to try and make a difference. Starting out in the field of finance and diverging into the gripping world of photos, Rishabh started his journey by photographing his room and a beloved dog down the street. 

Its a certain hate that inspires him and draws his vision to the ordinary that's often passed off as unnecessary. He recalls, "Beauty is in the details, and only through the tiniest of crevices, can one find love seeping in." Its controversial he says, his thoughts, but this is a man who found peace in the incessant effort to try and make the world realise of its inevitable and undying need to change.

There’s something extremely wrong with the world. Something needs to be done.

Having worked with a handful of some of the top companies in the world for various projects, subtly enveloping his tasteful tones, he finds comfort in music to the likes of Bon Iver, Angus & Julia Stone and Damien Rice.

Simplicity is the essence of life.

He finds it difficult to express in words, essentially in a language so flawed, as to how each detail, if carefully preserved could save a soul, and photographs are probably the best way to just let the light in. It's a strange atmosphere you could witness with the way it looks on you - life, if only one could stop for a moment and observe.